Basic Jurisdictional Principles
A Theological Inventory of American Jurisprudence

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  Typographical Conventions  
Links into the Typographical Conventions helps box are bold-italic underlined.
Terms that have a special definition within this inventory (whether of legal, philosophical, theological, or any other origin), along with Theological Terms that are common in the field of Reformed Theology, are generally underlined bold. — They are links into the Theological & Custom Glossary helps box.
Legal Terms used with their ordinary legal meanings are generally in underlined italic. — They are links into the Legal Glossary helps box.
Case Citations are generally in underlined italic. — They are links into the Cited Cases helps box.
Links into the Maxims of the Global Covenant helps box are generally underlined bold.

Important Expressions are generally in bold italic. — They are links into the Expression Glossary helps box.
Non-English words are generally in plain italic. — They are links into the Foreign Glossary helps box.
Names of books and other such bibliographical material are generally bold — They are links to the Bibliography helps box.
Links to the Declaration and Constitution helps boxes are generally bold.
Links to intra-site articles (other than to helps boxes) are preceded by “URL”, as are Links to other websites.
Footnotes can be accessed by clicking on the footnote reference.
Ordinary words used with their ordinary meanings are in normal type.

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